English-speaking Hair Services- Euphoria Ginza Grande in Tokyo

One of the distinctive characteristics of Japanese culture is their impeccable grooming standards. Japanese are generally well-groomed, in particular Japanese ladies with pleasant charming make-up, and perfectly-styled voluminous hair. I’m especially envious of the soft, smooth, luscious and simply rich hue of brown on their crowns. Eager and keen to try, yet kiasi and nervous due to the language barrier. Finally, 3 years ago, I stepped into Euphoria Shibuya salon, had my wonderful maiden hair service experience with Chieko-san and never looked back since! ? Visiting Chieko-san in Euphoria has become a standard routine on my 1st day of every Tokyo trip.

Chieko-san in Euphoria Shibuya salon in 2014.

About Chieko-san, the Hair Stylist

Having trained in New York and Sydney for a few years, Chieko-san speaks fluent English ? and there is absolutely no barrier in communication. In fact, Chieko-san is always more than happy to practice her English with foreign tourists! She is experienced working with “foreign hair” (afterall, our hair texture differs from Japanese’s due to the climate that we are in) and provides great advise and recommendations on hair styles. Her warm and bubbly personality make every conversation and experience so enjoyable, that I think she is one of the indirect motivators for my frequent trips to Tokyo – simply because I can leave my damaged tresses in her excellent hands! ?. Since January this year, Chieko-san has been transferred to the Euphoria Ginza Grande salon in Ginza, which I will share my experience. On that occasion, I had a hair cut and wash.

The easiest way to find the salon is to exit via A1 from Ginza Station and walk to DIOR boutique. Euphoria Ginza Grande salon is located on level 8 of this building next to DIOR: 銀座5丁目中央ビル. Walk in, turn right to reach the lift.

Ta-dah! You will be greeted by the rustic European style furniture at reception area.

Euphoria’s Welcome

1. After registering at the reception on the left (refers to video below), Euphoria’s friendly receptionist will present to you a small tote bag. This tote bag is for you to safe-keep important belongings such as mobile phone, passport, wallet etc by your side throughout the hair service. Your other bigger items like bag and winter jacket etc will be kept in their lockers behind the counter.

2. Next, to pick up preferred latest issue of Japanese magazines for browsing. English magazines are available as well!

3. You will be led to the standing fridge to select your complimentary drink. Fanta and Qoo are always my favourite! ?

Hair products that are sold and used by the salon.

4. Proceed to the main hair service hall.

5. Settle down into your station. You will be given a velvet lap blanket and a plush round cushion that acts as a magazine cushion for utmost reading comfort. ?

6. Once you have settled down, the hairstylist will have a consultation session with you, followed by the hair-wash service.  I always look forward to the hair-wash; their shampooing and massaging techniques are so relaxing and therapeutic that I’ll dozed off. ?

The reclining seat and cotton face cover during a hair wash are especially thoughtful in reducing the awkwardness of struggling to lie down or sit up, and the close face-to-face proximity with the service staff. (Without the face cover, I always feel uncomfortable and am obliged to close my eyes during a hair washing session as I don’t know where to look. ?).

We can’t help but giggle during the video-ing. ?

7. After the relaxing hair wash, it’s time for hair blow and hair cut.

Being pampered by these two beaming ladies.

       Trimming in progress by Chieko-san.

hoho…the results. ?☺

Checking out the restroom before I leave. ?


Neat display with even an air freshener! But..what’s that in the mini wooden chest?

The kaypo me… Sanitary pads! ? So thoughtful yet discreet. Nice!

Latest promotions at the back of the cubicle door for quick reading.

 Nice display everywhere even on basin top!

No worries about wanting to touch up your make-up! ?

One last overview of the Salon:

Euphoria Ginza Grande

Tel:  +81 3-6274-6177

Website: www.euphoria.jp

Instagram: euphoria_ginzag

Location/ contact details of all branches:

Price range:

Miwa says…

1. Do make a reservation before going. You may ask the hotel reception to assist. If you do not speak Japanese, I would recommend you to ask for Chieko-san for easy communication. Chieko-san is located at Euphoria Ginza Grande. 

2. Effective 25 May 2017, Euphoria Ginza Grande will relocate to the building directly opposite, just 15 seconds walk due to renovation of 銀座5丁目中央ビル. The salon will be closed from 21 to 24 May for moving and will commence operation in the new location from 25 May onwards. Do refer to the below updated map of the salon. 

3. Due to the high quality of hair products used, my hair still remains smooth and I typically do not require additional hair treatment service in the salon after a hair colour job. As such, hair treatment may be optional. 

4. Do check out their website for discounted hair coupons! Google translate comes into good use here for translation into English!
www.euphoria.jp->menu->coupon->select the branch you are going. 

5. Japanese salons are becoming popular in Singapore, but charging premium prices. Why not enhance your Japan trip with a visit to a Japanese hair salon and sport a new hair-do at a much lower cost than back at home. 

Previous hair colour/cut/perm by Chieko-san at Euphoria. ☺

Love, Miwa